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4 Ways for Civil Society to Get Involved with Feed the Future

As many of you know, Feed the Future recently published its second progress report and scorecard, highlighting exciting results as we work toward a world without hunger and poverty. Our civil society partners are integral to this work and our success.

Feed the Future prioritizes engagement with both international and local civil society, to build capacity and leverage expertise as we work together to end hunger and poverty around the globe. Our civil society partners have and continue to provide valuable feedback on our programs and the initiative itself.

So how can civil society engage with Feed the Future? While not a comprehensive list, here are four ideas on ways that you can get involved.

1. Provide comments to the Feed the Future Civil Society Working Group.

We recently convened a Feed the Future Civil Society Working Group as part of the Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid at USAID. To enhance collaboration between U.S. Government and civil society organizations as we work together to reduce hunger, poverty and undernutrition, this working group is tasked with issuing recommendations to the U.S. Government to help develop a civil society action plan for Feed the Future.

Learn more about the working group.

2. Join Feed the Future in spreading the word.

You can help Feed the Future raise awareness about global hunger and what we can all do to help end it by joining the “How will you feed the future?” social media campaign. The campaign invites our partners and anyone interested in global issues like food security and nutrition to answer that question and highlight why they’re involved in fighting hunger and poverty. You can also share what you’re doing to help feed the future, and how others can as well, with a blog post, a video, a photo, or other content.

Check out the Feed the Future website for more information. You can join the campaign on Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #feedthefuture.

3. Apply for specific opportunities to work with Feed the Future.

Specific opportunities exist to work with the U.S. Government in support of Feed the Future’s projects and goals. While they are spread out across the Internet, we’ve collected many of them in one place on the Feed the Future website. Visit our civil society web page to explore how you can engage with Feed the Future agencies (in the Engage tab) and view specific opportunities (in the Opportunities tab).

The research page on our website offers a similar list of opportunities geared toward students and the research community. And if you’re looking to bring private resources, you may be interested in our private sector engagement hub.

Check out Feed the Future’s events list for additional opportunities to get involved, like by attending an Agrilinks webinar.

4. Share best practices and lessons learned.

Speaking of Agrilinks, did you know Feed the Future has a technical website where we bring agricultural development practitioners together to share their experiences on what’s worked and what hasn’t and to learn from one another? You can sign up with the Agrilinks website to share blog posts, join events and discussions, and share information on specific projects and approaches.

These are just a few of the ways you can get involved with Feed the Future in the fight against hunger, undernutrition and extreme poverty. Join us!

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