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A Brighter Future for Rural Women in Ghana

In Sorugu, Ghana, a small northern town near Tamale, many women lack basic literacy and small business skills. But with assistance from Feed the Future, these women are building their skill set and becoming equipped to improve their own well-being as well as that of their children and communities.

The 65 members of the Sorugu Tung-teeya (meaning “together we grow”) Women Farmers Group joined together to form a smallholder farmer-based organization in 2009 to better address their children’s health, nourishment, school fees, and other needs. The group produces and processes rice for the local market to improve their livelihoods and offer mutual support. While the members initially saw some positive results, their progress was limited by challenges such as poor record-keeping, lack of experience with savings, and a need for business management skills.

In 2011, Feed the Future helped develop simple, easy-to-understand training materials, written in the local language, to assist in building the members’ skills. The group also received five months of training on sustainable organizational practices, good record keeping, planning and managing their farming operations, and strengthening leadership skills.

Three months after training, the group was registered with the Ghanaian Department of Cooperatives. From the group’s new savings, the women purchased a rice ripper, thresher, and tarpaulins worth $1,045. These investments are projected to greatly increase the members’ agricultural production.

A visit in 2012 to the group showed that members are keeping good records and have started monitoring their income and expenditures while making better business decisions.

Most recently, the United Nations World Food Program selected the Sorugu Tung-teeya group to supply rice under the Purchase for Progress Program. The group is scheduled to make its first delivery—50 metric tons of rice—in November.

“This is the beginning of a brighter future,” says Amina Alhassan, leader of the group.

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