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Chicago Council Releases 2012 Progress Report on U.S. Leadership in Global Agricultural Development

On April 26, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs released its second progress report on the U.S. Government’s leadership in global agricultural development.

The 2012 report positively rates five federal agencies, Congress, and U.S. programs in the field for their strong leadership, funding, and unwavering focus in the face of other food security emergencies (namely the Horn of Africa crisis). It also notes that strong policy and monitoring frameworks have been established, staffing increases are commendable (if slow), disbursements have accelerated, research has expanded, and innovative programs have been initiated. Although adopting a different rating scheme than last year, this report indicates a substantial improvement over last year’s analysis.

The report also finds that progress is particularly visible in expanded and improved agricultural development programming in three Feed the Future focus countries (Ghana, Ethiopia, and Bangladesh). It notes the importance of this recent progress in the midst of a recession and severe budget constraints, and urges the U.S. Government to maintain its strong leadership and bipartisan support for food security and agricultural development initiatives in order to build on the accomplishments made to date.

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