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Department of State’s Fulbright Program Hosts Global Food Security Seminar at Penn State

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From February 29 to March 4, Fulbright students from more than 35 developing countries who are pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees at U.S. universities in the fields of agriculture, environmental sciences, biology, economics, engineering, and public health gathered at Pennsylvania State University for a seminar on addressing global food security challenges.

The seminar, hosted by the U.S. Department of State, introduced the more than 65 participants to technological innovators, scientists and researchers, policy groups, and representatives from the public and private sectors who are working toward advancing sustainable, agriculture-led growth in developing countries to increase the access, availability, and affordability of nutritious food. 

Roger Thurow, Senior Fellow for Global Agriculture and Food Policy at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, delivered keynote remarks on helping poor farmers become self-reliant instead of dependent on foreign aid, and the possibilities for building African agriculture in particular as a solution to future food shortages.

The Fulbright students also engaged in interactive panel discussions with food security experts (including a speaker from USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture) on the topic of creating sustainable food systems, and had the opportunity to visit innovative research organizations, laboratories, and local farms to learn about new research and development technologies in agriculture. A culminating workshop exercise allowed students to apply the knowledge they had gained during the seminar by addressing a specific food security challenge and presenting their proposed solutions to a panel of experts.

Read the State Department’s full press release on the Global Food Security Seminar or visit Penn State’s Ag Science Magazine Blog to learn more and see more photos from the event.

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