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Feed the Future Introduces New Micronutrient Powders in Tanzania

Last month, Feed the Future rolled out a new, at-home fortification product in Tanzania called Virutubishi, a micronutrient powder with the potential to significantly reduce anemia and other micronutrient deficiency in children.

The product is packaged in a sachet and can be purchased at local shops and through health workers in Feed the Future focus districts, where it is quickly becoming well-known.

A one-month supply for a child is being sold for the equivalent of approximately one U.S. dollar.

The Virutubishi powder is a combination of the vitamins and trace minerals that are lacking in the average Tanzanian child’s diet. The powder is mixed with the traditional daily porridge and is odorless and flavorless.

When consumed by children between the ages of 6-59 months every other day, research shows a reduction in micronutrient deficiencies such as anemia. Within a month, more than 465,400 sachets were delivered to local shops and health outlets and more than 1,605 health workers have been trained on the usage and importance of this fortification product.

The roll-out of Virutubishi comes in conjunction with Feed the Future’s upcoming nutrition campaign in Tanzania, which will promote best practices for improved child nutrition, including iron and folic acid for pregnant women and vitamin A for children. 

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