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Food Security and the G8 Summit

You may have noticed there’s a lot of buzz around the G8 Summit, which the United States hosted this year, especially regarding food security, hunger and nutrition. There’s good reason for that.

The need is great for reducing hunger and undernutrition and advancing global food security. In 2009, the G8 Summit in L’Aquila, Italy, and the World Food Summit in Rome united the global community to intensify efforts to advance food security by scaling up investment in the agricultural sector, which had been suffering from extreme underinvestment for several years.

Three years later, the leaders of the G8 met once again, this time at the 2012 G8 Summit at Camp David on May 19. This Summit built upon the food and nutrition successes of L’Aquila by focusing on creating a better environment to mobilize private sector investment as a catalyst for long-term economic growth.

We’ve compiled a list of resources, events and media coverage of food security and the 2012 G8 Summit here. Please check back for frequent updates and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more. You can also follow #globalag for live updates from pre-G8 events.

Not the page you were looking for? Check out our Food Security at the U.N. General Assembly page for updates on the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition and related events. 

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