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Food Week Highlights U.S. Leadership in Food Security and Nutrition

When President Obama took office in 2008, the world was mired in the midst of food, fuel and financial turmoil that brought millions of people to the brink of poverty.

We’ve come a long way since then. In 2009, President Obama mobilized the international community to increase investment in agriculture as a proven strategy for reducing poverty and hunger. Feed the Future was born out of this commitment and, after just a few years, is already delivering meaningful results.

This May, we’re highlighting those results and the role U.S. leadership has played in pioneering a reinvestment in agricultural development and renewed focus on fighting hunger, as well as a new model for development to achieve lasting impact.

We know that with continued focus and collective effort, we can end both hunger and extreme poverty in our lifetimes. But we can’t do it alone. Join us as we discuss where we’ve been, where we’re going, and what it’s going to take to truly eradicate hunger and poverty.

We’ll keep this page updated throughout the week with the latest news, reports and videos from food security and nutrition events.

Feed the Future Global Forum  

Join us May 19-21 as we celebrate the progress Feed the Future has made over the past four years of implementation and chart the way forward! Check out our Forum event page for more and tune in on Twitter with the hashtag #feedthefuture.

Feedthe Future Progress Report

At the Forum, we’ll be launching our third Feed the Future progress report. You won’t want to miss it. Visit our website to download a copy of the report on Monday, May 19, and follow us on YouTube to watch a video on Feed the Future’s results.

Partnering with Civil Society

Feed the Future continues to work with civil society to fight hunger and poverty. At an evening reception on May 19, civil society and government leaders will convene to talk about the way forward on global food security and nutrition and highlight our dynamic partnerships.

Chicago Council on Global Affairs Symposium

After the Forum, we’ll be joining the Chicago Council for its annual Global Food Security Symposium. This year’s theme will highlight future challenges in feeding 9 billion, particularly in light of climate change.

Feed the Future’s work to support climate-smart agriculture and natural resource management is helping farmers around the world adapt to and mitigate climate impacts. The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is convening leaders to discuss what can be done to address this urgent issue, so tune in on May 22 for more.

USAID Nutrition Strategy

The first USAID nutrition strategy published on May 22. The strategy reiterates and elevates USAID’s commitment to nutrition, which has also been a hallmark of Feed the Future’s approach to improving global food security too.

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