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GAFSP Launches Second Public Sector Window Call for Proposals

Read more about the call for proposals on the GAFSP website

The Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) is a multilateral mechanism to assist in implementing pledges made by the Group of Eight (G8) at the L’Aquila Summit in 2009, with the intent of making investments in agriculture and food security more strategic in developing countries. The World Bank manages GAFSP, which includes both public and private sector financing windows. The public sector window assists strategic country-led or regional programs that result from sector-wide country or regional consultations and planning exercises, such as CAADP in Africa. To date, it has awarded $481 million to 12 countries, including eight Feed the Future focus countries.

On January 10,2012, the GAFSP Steering Committee launched the second Public Sector Window Call for Proposals, funded by the United States along with South Korea and Australia. GAFSP will allocate approximately $180 million to the roughly five or six highest-ranked proposals from applicant countries. Awards are expected to be announced in May 2012. 

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