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In Honduras, Connecting U.S. Government Resources to Strengthen Food Security Efforts

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A Feed the Future project in Honduras is building upon a previous program funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) to make a difference in the lives of rural farmers. 

In 2006, MCC funded a four-year farmer training and development program that increased the productivity, market access, and business skills of farmers and their employees by providing technical assistance in the production and marketing of high-value horticultural crops. 

Through USAID, implementing partner Fintrac Inc. is now leading a Feed the Future project that aims to lift rural households out of poverty through a combination of on-farm income generation, off-farm business, and employment generation.  

The USAID project has built upon the success of MCC’s original program in several ways, including by taking farmers assisted under the new project to visit farmers and their production systems helped by the previous MCC program. These field visits allow farmers under the USAID project to see firsthand new crop varieties planted and the efficiency of better agricultural practices like raised beds and drip irrigation. 

Because some of the farmers work onplots of land too small to successfully sell their crop at markets, Feed the Future’s project is also linking farmers together to help sell their crops, increase incomes, and improve food security in Honduras.

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