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M&E Blog Series: Feed the Future Learning Agenda

By Tania Tam

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Welcome to second installment of the M&E Blog Series! I’m Tania Tam from the Feed the Future M&E Team. I’m planning to give you a peek into Feed the Future M&E from the inside and start discussions about M(&)E. We hope you bookmark us and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Post your comments on what we can do to make this more useful for you!

A crucial part of Feed the Future (FTF) is the recognition of the fact that learning and testing our assumptions is vital to all FTF programming. This is the only way that we can identify programs and practices capable of improving outcomes on the ground. Monitoring and Evaluation is therefore a central part of Feed the Future (well, it is all about ME), and the FTF Learning Agenda has been developed to strategize how we will learn from our programming.

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