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Maize Farmers inSenegal Build Financial Skills, Gain Access to Farming Equipment

At a ceremony in Kaolack, Senegal on May 22, the keys to six tractors valued at $220,000 were presented to heads of agricultural producers’ groups who received financial training under Feed the Future to build skills in high-value leasing. By investing in agricultural equipment, these maize farmers will be able to boost the productivity of their crops.

Through the USAID program, farmers received assistance in business plan development, legalization and formalization of investors, registration under the investment code, and obtaining special tax exonerations. Each recipient will continue to receive financial coaching for at least 12 months to ensure their ability to successfully manage their new investments.

Agricultural equipment leasing is a promising but largely undeveloped opportunity in Senegal. Lack of access to heavy agricultural equipment represents one of the most significant constraints to competitiveness and scalability of Senegalese maize production. Under Feed the Future, USAID has supported this financial training program since 2011. 

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