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MCC’s New Knowledge & Innovation Network Journal Features Critical Food Security Investments

In 2013, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) launched its Knowledge and Innovation Network (KIN) Journal, a technical publication featuring lessons, innovations, ideas and thinking behind MCC’s poverty reduction investments around the world.

Through peer-reviewed case studies, lessons learned, technical notes, graphics, and photographs, the KIN Journal helps foster knowledge sharing and serves as a platform where best practices, state-of-the-art techniques, challenges and opportunities are communicated among MCC staff, implementing partners and the broader development community.

The current  issue of the KIN Journal focuses on Local Food Security, Global Markets. Since 2005, MCC has invested over $4.3 billion across 21 countries to address food insecurity and to strengthen agricultural and rural economies. MCC’s food security investments in Benin, Ghana, Mali, Moldova, Morocco and Namibia, for example, are designed to sustain expanded market access for agricultural and rural stakeholders to reduce poverty and hunger.

As the articles describe, smallholder farmers, fisher folk and natural product harvesters often face the challenge of uncertain resources, scarce support services, inadequate access to markets, insecure land tenure, impacts on private investments and limited finance opportunities. MCC investments tackle these market development constraints and boost sector growth by reducing transaction costs and linking farmers more closely with consumers.

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