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Partner Governments Take the Lead

By Feed the Future

It’s Feed the Future Week, and all week we’ll be celebrating progress and partnerships made possible through the initiative’s innovative model for development. Feed the Future’s progress wouldn’t be possible without our partners—governments, private companies, universities and research partners, other donors and civil society.

Read on as we celebrate the vital partnerships that have contributed to impact across the globe.

Partner Governments Take the Lead

At the heart of Feed the Future’s coordinated approach is a focus on building more productive, resilient food systems and thriving local markets through host-country ownership and partnership. In line with the Rome Principles for Sustainable Global Food Security, Feed the Future partners with countries so that assistance is tailored to local needs, through consultative processes and plans that are created and led by those countries themselves.

When governments have the political will to plan strategically and make targeted investments in their agriculture sectors, progress isn’t far behind. We support their efforts to be more evidence-driven, inclusive, accountable and transparent. In turn, these investments can accelerate growth, incentivize other donors, and drive lasting progress.

A food-secure 2030 is possibleonly through strong country leadership, and Feed the Future is committed to supporting partner countries in developing clear policy agendas and strengthening local institutions to achieve results.

Click on the links below to read more about how continued, strong country leadership can help to #endhunger in our lifetimes:

This post is part of our Feed the Future Week blog series celebrating the many partner groups that contribute to ending global hunger, extreme poverty and undernutrition. Check back throughout the week for more posts!

In the meantime, visit the hashtag #EndHunger on social media to join the conversation.

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