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Peace Corps Staff Receive Training on Food Security in Tanzania

Peace Corps staff came together in Tanzania recently to strengthen their work in food security. In collaboration with Feed the Future, the four-day workshop held November 12-16 included staff from over 25 overseas posts and aimed to strengthen the Peace Corps’ work in food security by fostering collaboration and building synergies, both within each country team and across posts.

The workshop was an opportunity for Peace Corps staff to learn from their peers and connect with key Washington staff for support on how to integrate and implement food security issues into their programs. Participants also gained skills to take home; many noted their newly developed confidence to lead sessions about food security for volunteers back at their posts.

One key outcome from the workshop was obtaining field input on new training packages that will add to the future success of global volunteering. Participants used the open dialogue of the workshop as an opportunity to add their experiences to the content of the training packages and committed to contributing to the development of future training packages for the field.

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