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Scaling Up Nutrition Movement Launched in Ghana

By Feed the Future

Read USAID Ghana Mission Director Cheryl Anderson's full remarks on the USAID website

On December 8, the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement was launched in Ghana, where 28 percent of children under five suffer from stunting and 14 percent are underweight.

At the official launch event, Ghana’s First Lady and Minister of Women and Children was joined by USAID/Ghana Mission Director Cheryl Anderson, who remarked on the scientific evidence for how crucial it is to provide proper nutrition to mothers and children during the 1,000-day window between pregnancy and age two.

Despite the Ghanaian government’s on-going efforts to combat hunger and undernutrition, the prevalence of child undernutrition remains high in Ghana. Through SUN, and using Feed the Future as a platform for cohesion between nutrition efforts and food security, Ghana aims to improve coordination between the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

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