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The Future of America’s Partnership with Sub-Saharan Africa

Today, President Obama took another step in deepening our partnerships with the nations and peoples of sub-Saharan Africa. In signing a new Presidential Policy Directive on the region, President Obama has committed the United States to a forward-looking strategy in which we will work closely with our African partners to advance the prosperity, security, and dignity that citizens deserve.

Developed through a rigorous process that drew on the expertise of leaders from both inside and outside of government—including African voices—this new Directive places the United States in a stronger position to help our African partners seize the opportunities and meet the challenges facing the continent.

The U.S. Strategy Toward Sub-Saharan Africa reflects the core components and strategic priorities outlined in the Presidential Policy Directive. The strategy sets forth four strategic objectives for U.S. engagement in Africa:

  1. Strengthen democratic institutions
  2. Spur economic growth, trade, and investment
  3. Advance peace and security
  4. Promote opportunity and development
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