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U.S. Pledges to Support Government of Guatemala’s “Zero Hunger Plan”

On July 25, U.S. Ambassador to Guatemala Arnold Chacon joined President Otto Pérez Molina and private sector and youth leaders to officially join the “Pacto Hambre Cero” (“Zero Hunger Plan”), which President Pérez launched in February 2012.

The plan is the first long-term national food security strategy in Guatemala to commit to measurable objectives. It calls for active and sustained involvement from all sectors of society and includes measures to significantly reduce mal- and undernutrition in six departments of Guatemala’s Western Highlands.

Under Feed the Future, the U.S. Government was instrumental in facilitating the development of a food security plan for the Western Highlands in coordination with the Government of Guatemala, the European Union, and other donors. The Zero Hunger Plan presents a strategic opportunity for the United States to work in tandem with the Government of Guatemala, as well as implementing partners and the private sector, to combat food insecurity among the country’s most vulnerable households.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Chacon pledged to work “shoulder to shoulder” with the Government of Guatemala and its partners to contribute to the goals of the Zero Hunger Plan. Feed the Future is working in Guatemala to increase agricultural productivity and market development of horticultural crops and coffee; encourage private sector investment and create jobs in targeted industries; and improve access to health and nutrition services to prevent and treat undernutrition. 

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