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Feed the Future Civil Society Action Plan


Aid is about building partnerships for development. Such partnerships are most effective when they fully harness the energy, skills and experience of all development actors—bilateral and multilateral donors, global funds, CSOs, and the private sector. To support developing countries’ efforts to build for the future, we resolve to create partnerships that will include all these actors.

– Accra Agenda for Action        
Civil society partners play an integral role in our work to end hunger, poverty and malnutrition around the world. This action plan (pdf, 4mb) represents the initial steps that will be taken to strengthen civil society engagement in Feed the Future projects and will evolve over time as activities are assessed and opportunities arise.

Through USAID’s Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid’s Feed the Future working group, civil society organizations made recommendations that provided the basis for this action plan. 

The plan clearly outlines concrete actions the initiative will take with civil society to continue the fight against poverty and hunger, such as providing training, field guidance and coordinated messaging, and further promoting country ownership in food security.