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The U.S. Government’s Global Food Security Research Strategy


The United States has played a leading role in ending hunger and poverty. U.S. Government’s investments in global food security, and finding new and innovative ways to promote global food security does more than serve humanitarian goals; it is crucial to America’s continued security and prosperity.

Evidence indicates that research investments enable the productivity gains that drive global improvements in food security and protect against tomorrow’s food security risks—at home and abroad.

In response to this imperative, U.S. government agencies that are part of Feed the Future developed a new U.S. Government’s Global Food Security Research Strategy to help reduce hunger, poverty and malnutrition through science, technology and innovation.

The Research Strategy seeks to bring U.S. ingenuity to bear on the greatest challenges in achieving sustainable, global reductions of poverty, hunger and malnutrition.

Check out the full Research Strategy (pdf, 2.83 mb) below and related content on how we are helping end hunger through science, innovation and technology.