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Feed the Future Research Strategy

The Feed the Future Research Strategy (pdf, 657.3kb) reflects more than a year of analysis, technical review, and broad stakeholder consultation and engagement. USAID conducted initial analyses to identify opportunities for research to contribute to the agricultural goals of the Feed the Future strategy, and more than 50 experts were…

Research & Universities


Summary Chart of Feed the Future Indicators

Feed the Future, with the overarching goal of sustainably reducing global poverty and hunger, will have lasting development impacts. Measuring progress is key, which is why we are committed to rigorous monitoring and evaluation of our Feed the Future investments to track progress and facilitate results-driven planning and performance-based management.…



Feed the Future Results Framework 2013

The Feed the Future Results Framework is the conceptual and analytic structure that establishes the goals and objectives of the Feed the Future initiative, including the Intermediate Results (IRs) that lead into the goals and objectives.