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Global Food Security Strategy (GFSS) Nepal Country Plan

The Global Food Security Strategy Country Plan for Nepal was co-written by the United States Government (USG) interagency involved in food security and nutrition work through Feed the Future. The GFSS Country Plan serves as an overarching framework for integrated food security and nutrition programming. The plan is intended to…

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Planting the seeds of a sustainable nursery

I met my didi early on in my service at the 7 a.m. weekly Saturday meetings held in the center of my village. I would get up on those days, drink a cup of chiya and walk the jungle path to the meeting where I would sit in the company of mostly Dalit (from the…


A Booming Rice Mill Boosts Profits and Benefits Farmers in Nepal

By: Feed the Future

Dev Bhar Rice Mill has been operating for more than 20 years in mid-western Nepal. But until recently, it was only able to meet about 30 percent of the local demand for rice.“Due to a lack of technical knowledge and low-quality seed, we were mostly dependent upon importing about 70…


University Innovations Cross Borders to Deliver Impact

By: Feed the Future

Crop pests and diseases don’t recognize borders. For this reason, the Feed the Future Integrated Pest Management Innovation Lab is supporting researchers to combat emerging threats to agriculture production. As a result, farmers in Nepal, India and Bangladesh are using fungus to fight disease and coconut dust to raise seedlings.



Feed the Future Nepal Zone of Influence Interim Assessment Report

The Feed the Future Nepal Zone of Influence Interim Assessment Report (pdf, 3.42 mb) provides indicators that reflect data collected through population-based surveys (PBS) in geographic areas targeted by Feed the Future interventions to address root causes of hunger and poverty. This document reports the results of the first interim assessment of Feed…