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Proof of Progress: Burkina Faso’s Women on the Path to Growth

By: MCC Senior Advisor

Clarisse explained that the market stalls were much improved now, with metal roofing and cement floors replacing straw roofing and dirt floors. This upgrade, she said, will enable women to keep their products fresh longer and sell them during the rainy season without worrying about flooded market stalls.



Feed the Future Progress Report 2014

With a clear focus on fighting poverty, hunger and undernutrition, President Obama launched the global food security initiative called Feed the Future as one of the first foreign policy acts of his presidency. The fiscal year 2013 Feed the Future Progress Report (pdf, 13mb) reviews our impact to date and advances our commitment to closely monitor,…

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African Nations Lead the Way on Country-Owned Development

By: USAID Bureau for Food Security

Forty years ago, Africa was exporting food. Today, it is a net food importer. But there’s no reason African countries can't achieve greater growth in the agriculture sector to lift their people out of poverty and contribute to global food security.