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Plot Mapping Helps Rwandan Farmers Find a Winning Formula

By: Feed the Future

For the 2,000 farmers that comprise the Coopérative des Agriculteurs de Maïs de Nyanza (COAMANYA) maize cooperative in Rwanda, knowing precise information about their plots of land can be challenging. In a country as densely populated as Rwanda, where agriculture contributes to a third of GDP, many farmers must earn…


Markets in Malawi Tap Into the Power of the Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato

To help smallholders and families in Malawi increase their incomes and improve their nutrition, snack food producer Universal Industries is partnering with Feed the Future to promote orange-fleshed sweet potatoes. As Universal expands the market for products made from this vitamin-A rich food—like chips and bread—more people can access nutritious options.


Partnerships Provide Cleaner Energy Options for Rural Senegal

Households across rural Senegal rely on wood, crop residue or dung-fueled fires that cause health hazards and take a toll on the environment. To address this issue, the Cochran Fellowship Program has explored alternative, safer, and more efficient cooking methods and is actively promoting a new cook stove to communities across the country.

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Drought Strikes Ethiopia Again. Here’s What Makes This One Different

By: U.S. Agency for International Development

As a foreign service officer at USAID, I’ve worked in a variety of countries throughout my career, including Ethiopia, where I learned first-hand how recurrent drought pushes people further and further into poverty. Having worked with the U.S. Government’s Feed the Future initiative, I’ve also had the opportunity to see just how far the country has come in recent years in its development.