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Kansas State University Battles Sorghum’s Newest Enemy With Science

For nearly 30 years, U.S. and international scientists have been developing solutions to protect the sorghum industry from a deadly pest. Today, that research – along with the work of other Feed the Future Innovation Labs – is paying off and giving farmers and food producers at home and abroad the tools to protect their livelihoods.

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U.S. Universities Step Up to Fight Hunger

Since 1978, the U.S. Government has supported research programs led by some of the United States’ most prestigious academic institutions in order to help achieve sustained growth in agriculture and reduction in poverty. These programs have also provided long-term degree training in food security-related fields to more than 4,200 students from 130 countries.

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Feed the Future Innovation Labs

Download a list (pdf, 213 kb) of Feed the Future Innovation Labs. A unique network supported by over 70 top U.S. colleges and universities along with many partner country research and educational institutions, the Feed the Future Innovation Labs are on the cutting edge of efforts to research, develop and…

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