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Empowering Orphaned Girls to Become Community Leaders

By: Feed the Future

A volunteer in Ethiopia empowers orphaned girls and prepares them for successful futures. While religious service is the primary focus of the Melka Abune Aregawi Nunnery near Dire Dawa, eastern Ethiopia, the nuns also play a significant role in their community, running various welfare services including small-scale agriculture and environment…

articleAgricultureEthiopiaInternational DevelopmentEthiopia

Investing in Women-Owned Enterprises to Help End Hunger

By: Feed the Future

Women lead approximately one-third of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets. Despite this, they remain disproportionately underserved and often face less favorable terms for financing and access to other essential resources to build, sustain, and grow their businesses. In fact, more than 40 percent of surveyed women-owned SMEs…

articleAgricultureBusinessEntrepreneurshipInternational DevelopmentWomen's Empowerment

This Nigerian Entrepreneur Embraces Boldness

By: Feed the Future

Affiong Williams, a business entrepreneur from Nigeria, wanted to contribute to her country’s economic growth by creating jobs and opportunities. This goal drove Ms. Williams to start a company that produces high-quality, well-branded and packaged fruit. She believed it was time to change the narrative and create jobs and opportunities…

articleAgricultureBusinessInternational DevelopmentWomen's EmpowermentNigeria

This Ghanaian Entrepreneur Invests in People and Business

By: Feed the Future

In the agriculture sector, which investors consider particularly risky, women-owned small and medium enterprises (SMEs) earn 25 percent less in sales and own 35 percent fewer assets than men-owned SMEs. Despite these challenges, Ghanaian entrepreneur Edith Wheatland was not deterred from starting her own poultry production company, Rockland Farms. Since…

articleAgricultureBusinessInternational DevelopmentWomen's EmpowermentGhana