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Fishing for Business Opportunities in Nigeria

By: Feed the Future

Nigerians love fish. With fish being a staple in many local dishes, and the local supply limited by the high demand, Chi Farms, through the Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation program, is helping small farmers to access juvenile fish and receive extension services such as training in good aquaculture practices and financial management. 


Fostering New Leaders in African Agriculture

Afioluwa Mogaji, a second-generation agricultural turnaround specialist from Nigeria with over 17 years of experience in livestock and crop production, is so passionate about the agriculture sector that he changed his name to Africanfarmer.


Feed the Future Commercial Sorghum Project in Nigeria is Win-Win for Smallholder Farmers and Private Companies

In countries around the world, Feed the Future is increasing food security by improving agricultural value chains, targeting assistance in ways that strengthen the connection between private companies and the smallholder farmers who supply them with raw materials. This private sector-led project in Nigeria aimed to do just that, helping farmers grow commercial sorghum that would fit the demands of a specialized local market.