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Innovative Irrigation Brings Possibilities to Malawi

By: Feed the Future

A green stretch of sweet potato, groundnut and paprika grows in the middle of vast, dry land. That’s the contrasting view visitors see at Horizon Farm – one of Malawi’s anchor farms just outside the capital city, Lilongwe.It is the only patch of green crop here. It has been a…

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How a Peace Corps Volunteer Helped Create a Moringa Mogul

By: Peace Corps

In this guest blog, Peace Corps Volunteer Mark Huelsenbeck shares his experience working with Pierette, a young woman in Benin who went from struggling to make ends meet to launching a Moringa product that’s become a household name. During his 3-year service, Mark worked with others in Benin through a variety of agriculture trainings.

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Partnerships Provide Cleaner Energy Options for Rural Senegal

Households across rural Senegal rely on wood, crop residue or dung-fueled fires that cause health hazards and take a toll on the environment. To address this issue, the Cochran Fellowship Program has explored alternative, safer, and more efficient cooking methods and is actively promoting a new cook stove to communities across the country.

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Feed the Future Civil Society Action Plan

Aid is about building partnerships for development. Such partnerships are most effective when they fully harness the energy, skills and experience of all development actors—bilateral and multilateral donors, global funds, CSOs, and the private sector. To support developing countries’ efforts to build for the future, we resolve to create partnerships that will include…

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What’s Next for Feed the Future and Civil Society in 2014?

By: Tjada McKenna & Jonathan Shrier

As we look back on exciting progress we made this past year, we also remember the 842 million people who still experience hunger every day. And we look ahead to a new year and renewed focus on scaling up our progress as we continue to strengthen collaboration with our partners, particularly civil society organizations.

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Feed the Future Works from the Ground Up to Build Civil Leadership

Once members were successfully able to raise the public profile of key industry concerns for poultry farmers, the Association started to build its network and receive more opportunities, signing an agreement in August 2012 with the National Buffer Stock Corporation to distribute maize to poultry farmers for the first time. 

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