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Fighting Malnutrition Through Diversified Diets

With USAID support, Ugandan nutritionists educate mothers on the best food to feed their children so they grow up healthy Zaina, a new mother in eastern Uganda, could tell that there was something wrong with her 8-month-old twins. Nakato and Wasswa were thinner than other children their age in the community,…


Got Milk? In Uganda, Try Building Your Own Dairy Cooperative

By: U.S. African Development Foundation

After struggling to establish itself in a male-dominated industry, an all-women dairy cooperative completed its journey to operating a full-fledged business by building a pasteurization plant with Feed the Future support. The dairy, which sells yogurt and other products to local markets, is now looking into nationwide distribution and helping to fight against hunger and poverty


Camp Kibinge Inspires Ugandan Youth to Thrive

For more than 20 years, farmer-owned Kibinge Coffee Farmers’ Co-operative Society has improved the livelihoods of many community members. Now, with the support of Peace Corps Volunteers, it’s working to bring young people into the fold, so they too, have the opportunity to succeed in agribusiness.


Growing Chili Peppers and Opportunities for Women in Uganda

The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) has committed more than $30 million in loans to Root Capital, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit social investment fund that lends capital through rural farm cooperatives throughout the world and provides farmers with training to support finance activities and productivity management.


Building Uganda’s Next Generation of Nutrition Leaders

Over the course of 12 months, eight Fellows selected in 2013 cultivated skills in nutrition education, case management, capacity building, policy development and community mobilization. Fellows also attended professional development workshops, which gave them the opportunity to enhance their skills in communication, leadership and team building.


Coffee and Bananas Get a Boost from Biotechnology in Uganda

AGT focuses on creating more resilient staple crops in Uganda so that farmers who grow cropslike coffee and bananas can thrive. The company uses tissue culture, a technology that enables scientists to grow living cells in a laboratory, to produce pest- and disease-resistant plants.