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Pests Are No Match for New Eggplant in Bangladesh

New technology shields farmers in vulnerable areas from risk and helps them build their resilience. Mohammad Abul Hossain is an experienced vegetable farmer from the Bogra district of Bangladesh. Like approximately 150,000 other Bangladeshi farmers, Hossain grows brinjal — also known as eggplant. Many of these smallholders farmers fight a daily battle…


Three Reasons Why You Should Care About Food Security Policy

With so many competing demands for how countries — across governments, civil society, the private sector, academic institutions and other country stakeholders — invest in improving food security, why should we even care about policy? Here are three good reasons why: First, history tells us there’s no way around it. No country has successfully developed…


University Innovations Cross Borders to Deliver Impact

By: Feed the Future

Crop pests and diseases don’t recognize borders. For this reason, the Feed the Future Integrated Pest Management Innovation Lab is supporting researchers to combat emerging threats to agriculture production. As a result, farmers in Nepal, India and Bangladesh are using fungus to fight disease and coconut dust to raise seedlings.


Water Pump Brings Business Opportunity to Farmers in Bangladesh

Mosammat Lima Begum is an accomplished agro-preneur. After receiving training on how to use an axial flow pump, she began an irrigation business in her village, providing water to farmers whose crops often suffer due to low rainfall. Begum's success has inspired others to purchase the pump and provide irrigation services of their own.


U.S. Government Support Promotes Women’s Leadership and Better Trade Standards in Bangladesh

Marina Jabunnaher is a senior monitoring and evaluation officer with the Ministry of Agriculture’s Department of Agricultural Extension in Bangladesh. A rising leader in her field, she is also the beneficiary of capacity building efforts under an agreement between the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Agency for International Development in support of the Feed the Future initiative.

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