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Empowering Orphaned Girls to Become Community Leaders

By: Feed the Future

A volunteer in Ethiopia empowers orphaned girls and prepares them for successful futures. While religious service is the primary focus of the Melka Abune Aregawi Nunnery near Dire Dawa, eastern Ethiopia, the nuns also play a significant role in their community, running various welfare services including small-scale agriculture and environment…

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USAID Supports Innovative Livestock Feed Solution

A shortage of affordable and nutritious feed is a major constraint for Ethiopia’s livestock farmers, which is what led Ethio-Feed PLC to focus on the development of new feeds from agricultural by-products and other ingredients, previously considered as waste.


Sustainable Intensification in the Ethiopian Highlands: First Year of New Program Lays Strong Groundwork for Research and Agricultural Development

To address these challenges, a Feed the Future program is conducting participatory research (which actively involves beneficiaries of the research) to empower farmers to implement sustainable intensification, meaning they will ultimately be able to generate more output from the same area of land while reducing negative environmental impacts.


USAID, PepsiCo, and World Food Programme Partner to Increase Food Production and Address Malnutrition in Ethiopia


USAID, PepsiCo, Inc., the PepsiCo Foundation, and the United Nations World Food Programme announced a groundbreaking public-private partnership to dramatically increase chickpea production and promote long-term nutritional and economic security in Ethiopia. The initiative, called Enterprise EthioPEA, was unveiled by the partners at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in New York City.


A Slight Reprieve for Somalia – New FEWS Data

By: Nancy Lindborg

We remain committed to providing vital emergency assistance, and we continue to look ahead – especially in Ethiopia and Kenya, where we can literally “Feed the Future” by building sustainable solutions through investments in agriculture, livelihoods and health.