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Fighting Malnutrition Through Diversified Diets

With USAID support, Ugandan nutritionists educate mothers on the best food to feed their children so they grow up healthy Zaina, a new mother in eastern Uganda, could tell that there was something wrong with her 8-month-old twins. Nakato and Wasswa were thinner than other children their age in the community,…


A Women’s Cooperative Finds Success and Strength in Numbers

By: US African Development Foundation

For the women in the Kamushoko Cooperative in Uganda, life has changed since they decided to act as a unit to collectively sell their produce. Now, business is thriving and profits are up. Next up: the women plan to invest in a commercial trading center to take their enterprise to the next level.


Got Milk? In Uganda, Try Building Your Own Dairy Cooperative

By: U.S. African Development Foundation

After struggling to establish itself in a male-dominated industry, an all-women dairy cooperative completed its journey to operating a full-fledged business by building a pasteurization plant with Feed the Future support. The dairy, which sells yogurt and other products to local markets, is now looking into nationwide distribution and helping to fight against hunger and poverty


Virtual System Makes the Connection Between Agriculture Buyers and Sellers

In Uganda, farmers with crops to sell are testing out Kudu, a digital food trading platform that acts as a virtual match-maker for farmers looking to sell their crops to major produce buyers. 400 tons of food has already been sold through Kudu, and the platform shows promise in helping address inefficiencies in local food markets.


Camp Kibinge Inspires Ugandan Youth to Thrive

For more than 20 years, farmer-owned Kibinge Coffee Farmers’ Co-operative Society has improved the livelihoods of many community members. Now, with the support of Peace Corps Volunteers, it’s working to bring young people into the fold, so they too, have the opportunity to succeed in agribusiness.