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While the work of fighting global hunger can be complex, the goal is simple: to save the lives of real people. Behind every statistic is a life—a child who doesn't need to wonder whether he'll eat dinner tonight, a mother who can now earn an income selling her own vegetables, a researcher bringing a new irrigation system to a small village. These are their stories.

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Tanzania’s “Hunger Hero” Shares Feed the Future Solutions to Rising Food Prices

On March 6, Tanzania's “Hunger Hero,” Dr. David Nyange, spoke about Tanzania’s rising food prices and their impact on food security and development at an event hosted by the Tanzania Country Level Knowledge Network (CLKnet), a group whose mission is to promote broad-based involvement and participation on key development issues in Tanzania. Dr. Nyange works with USAID on Feed the Future in Tanzania.

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MCC’s Agribusiness Centers Enhance Food Security, Agricultural Productivity in Ghana

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is helping address these challenges through the construction of agribusiness centers (ABCs), aggregating points for grains that give private sector investors an opportunity to positively impact processing, storage, and access to inputs like seeds and fertilizer for farmers. MCC is constructing ten ABCs in nine Ghanaian districts, each one equipped with a primary processing shed, a warehouse, an agro-input shop, and offices.

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Administrator Shah Awards General Mills with U.S. Global Citizenship Award for Work on Food Security

On February 24, USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah traveled to Minnesota to present General Mills employees with the U.S. Global Citizenship Award in recognition of their volunteerism through Partners in Food Solutions (PFS). PFS is a non-profit organization that links the technical and business expertise of volunteer employees from major food processing corporations to small and medium-sized mills and food processors in the developing world.

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On World Water Day, Secretary Clinton Notes Clean Water is “Essential” for Eradicating Hunger and Poverty

In her remarks, Clinton announced the new U.S. Water Partnership, a public-private collaborative effort to leverage American expertise in water issues to address global water challenges. The partnership will bring together more than 30 organizations across the private sector, civil society, academia, and government to find solutions to water security that can be brought to scale.

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