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Baking in Honduras


While the work of fighting global hunger can be complex, the goal is simple: to save the lives of real people. Behind every statistic is a life—a child who doesn't need to wonder whether he'll eat dinner tonight, a mother who can now earn an income selling her own vegetables, a researcher bringing a new irrigation system to a small village. These are their stories.

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Workshop Solidifies Sustainable Intensification Research Program in Africa

In February, international and local agricultural researchers, policymakers, and donors convened in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, to plan the regional Agricultural Sustainable Intensification Program. The workshop identified priority areas for a five-year research initiative on the mid-elevation, maize-based systems in Eastern and Southern Africa, aiming to increase productivity and incomes of smallholders while conserving the natural resource base.

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Conservation Farming Activities Boost Crop Yields for Senegalese Cereal Producers

In Senegal, a Feed the Future campaign aims to increase cereal production for farmers across four regional departments while enhancing sustainable agricultural practices. To measure the effectiveness of conservation farming techniques, Feed the Future conducted an estimation and comparison of 2011 agricultural yields of maize, millet, and sorghum grown both with and without conservation farming techniques. 

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U.S. Embassy in Kampala Hosts Food Security Fellows

On February 6, the United States Embassy in Uganda hosted 11 American Fellows as part of a U.S. Department of State-funded professional exchange program called, “Professional Fellows Program in Food Security - Critical Mass Leadership Education." The Fellows received briefings by a mix of officers from the State Department and USAID and also met with a range of local agriculture experts, nutritionists, food growers, policymakers, and media personnel.

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