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Feed the Future supports policy reform to generate meaningful change. These efforts aim to improve the functioning of public and private sectors that can sustainably provide extension, social safety nets, research, health, inputs, and other goods and services. Through diplomacy and programmatic support, we work closely with governments and with national and local stakeholders to advance and help implement an evidence-based policy agenda consistent with international obligations and U.S. policy objectives.


At Harvard Business School, Tanzanian Farmer Shares Successes of Feed the Future Program
Scaling Up Nutrition Movement Launched in Ghana
The Role of Women in Combating Climate Change
Building Resilience in the Horn of Africa
Fact Sheet: Supporting South Sudan’s Vision for the Future
Guatemala Media Tour Puts a Face on the Global Fight Against Hunger
U.S. Ambassadors’ Visit Focused on Food Security, Child Nutrition
Scaling Up Nutrition in Ghana
Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index
Civil Society’s Voice Gets Audience in Busan
At COP-17 in Durban, Agriculture is Playing a Starring Role
USAID Administrator Highlights Private Sector Partnerships to Reduce Hunger and Poverty at the World Economic Forum
Bangladesh, Ghana

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