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From Seed to Harvest: Supporting the Next Generation of Leaders to Reduce Global Hunger

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Achieving globalfood security depends on how effectively farmers can manage all the stages of agricultural production. Through the Feed the Future initiative and innovative research like that fostered through the Borlaug Program, we are finding ways to help farmers increase agricultural production safely and sustainably. 

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Taking Action for Women in Agrifood Systems

Women have always worked in agrifood systems, but these systems have not always worked for women. That’s because barriers have stood in their way, preventing them from making their fullest contributions. Last year, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) “Status of Women in Agrifood Systems” report showed us just how slow progress has been in closing the gender gap in agriculture over the past decade. Their access to irrigation, livestock, land ownership and extension services has barely budged over the past decade. Also, they are facing these challenges at a time of immense global shocks.

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