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Take a Look: Feed the Future in Pictures

We’re excited to announce the winners of our latest Feed the Future photo contest! Read on to find out which photos won and how to view all the entries.

Our partners entered more than 120 inspiring photos of Feed the Future and other U.S. Government food security activities. 

From U.S. Government agencies to civil society and university partners, the photos capture what Feed the Future is all about: empowering women, helping smallholder farmers, improving nutrition, investing in research and innovation, generating opportunities for economic growth and trade, and reducing global hunger and poverty.

Working together under Feed the Future, we’re seeing real progress in the fight against global hunger, poverty and undernutrition. These pictures give you a glimpse into that progress and the lives that are being changed.

A panel of judges from across Feed the Future’s partner agencies voted on their favorites. Here are their top picks (our contest winners). Click each photo for more information.

First place
Increasing Yields in Cambodia

Increasing Yields in Cambodia: Farmers in a lush field
Photo by: Fintrac Inc.
Submitted by: USAID/Cambodia

Second place
Growing Businesses

Growing Businesses: Farmer in Burkina Faso feeds her chickens
Photo by: Jake Lyell
Submitted by: Millennium Challenge Corporation 

Third place  
Growing Tomatoes at School

Growing Tomatoes at School: A young boy plants tomatoes in a school garden
Photo by: Amanda Grossi
Submitted by: Amanda Grossi, Peace Corps

Fourth place
Collecting Milk for Transport in Ethiopia

Collecting Milk for Transport in Ethiopia: A man loads milk containers into a truck
Photo by: Kelley Lynch
Submitted by: CNFA 

Fifth place
Growing and Selling Bananas

Growing and Selling Bananas: A woman smiles as she covers bananas with a bag
Photo by: Bill Walmisley
Submitted by: USAID Zimbabwe 

Honorable Mention
Eating a Healthy Snack

Eating a Healthy Snack: A little girl eats a peanut butter sandwich with classmates
Photo by: Courtney Stokes
Submitted by: University of Florida 

You can view all the amazing submissions on our Flickr account. Enjoy!

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