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U.S. Government Global Food Security Research Strategy, FY22-26

U.S. Government's Global Food Security Research Strategy, FY22-26

Global food security is beset by myriad challenges, including the climate crisis, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, conflicts, and a lack of equity and inclusion. Thus, as the U.S. Government’s Global Food Security Research Strategy comes into effect, the food-security, nutrition, and resilience goals it is meant to help advance are gaining even greater urgency.

The Feed the Future initiative, with the generous support of Congress, guides a whole-of-government response to food-security challenges. The GFSS focuses on three major objectives: i) inclusive and sustainable, agriculture-led economic growth; ii) strengthened resilience among people, communities, countries, and systems; and iii) a well-nourished population, especially among women and children.

This Global Food Security Research Strategy outlines the U.S. Government’s science-based, convergent, demand-led, and inclusive approach to addressing food-security challenges, which will continue to span biophysical, socioeconomic and behavioral sciences. In addition to collaboration among U.S. Government agencies, the strategy emphasizes key partnerships with U.S. universities, including minority-serving institutions (MSIs) and those engaged with Feed the Future Innovation Labs; U.S. and international private business and nonprofit sectors; international agricultural research centers; and national research and extension systems in target countries—including government, universities, civil society and private-sector partners.

Download the strategy (pdf, 4mb, link above) to read more.

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