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U.S. Government Global Food Security Strategy Implementation Report of 2017

GFSS_ ImplementationReport_2017.pdf

The U.S. Government’s Global Food Security Strategy Implementation Report of 2017 (1.02 mb, pdf) responds to Section 8(a) of the Global Food Security Act of 2016, which requires the U.S. Government to submit a report to describe the interagency’s progress toward implementing the Global Food Security Strategy that was developed under the GFSA. The report covers Feed the Future progress through 2017 and progress toward GFSS implementation, specifically: selection of the target countries; defining strategic transition; country planning; technical implementation guidance; the development of a new whole-of-government research strategy; and incorporating gender analysis in Feed the Future’s programming. The report also reviews the interagency’s approach to monitoring, evaluation and learning; how the GFSS leverages and complements other USG strategies; private sector engagement and partnerships; and multilateral food security and nutrition efforts. As technical appendices, the report also includes tables with the new and updated MEL indicators and mechanisms for reporting, the Feed the Future Global Result through Fiscal Year 2016, along with Agency- and Department-specific updates to the implementation plans submitted as part of the GFSS in 2016.



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