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Improving Nutrition for Children Worldwide

This week marks the second annual Feed the Future Week. As America’s initiative to combat global hunger, Feed the Future is making an impact in someof the world’s most vulnerable places.

Feed the Future brings partners together to help people harness the power of agriculture to jumpstart their local economies and lift themselves out of poverty. Today, as the world faces unprecedented need, we are working to build resilient communities and break the cycle of hunger and poverty that keeps people in crisis. We work hand in hand with countries as they invest in their own development.

By equipping people with the tools to feed themselves and their families over the long term, Feed the Future and our partners are tackling the root causes of hunger and poverty and bolstering people’s ability to meet future challenges. Together, we have and can continue to make progress against hunger and poverty so families around the world have the opportunity to build a healthy, secure future.

Throughout the week, we’ll be highlighting the progress Feed the Future has achieved and the integral contributions of our partners, as well as the ongoing need for greater food security and nutrition around the world.

A healthy, productive life requires the right nutrition. Feed the Future and its partners are working to secure a better future for millions of children around the world by boosting their nutrition. As a result, 1.8 million more children are living free from the devastating effects of stunting since Feed the Future started. 

Check out the stories from our partners below to learn more about how we’re boosting nutrition for children across the world so they can reach their full potential.

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