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U.S. Embassy in Kampala Hosts Food Security Fellows

On February 6, the United States Embassy in Uganda hosted 11 American Fellows as part of a U.S. Department of State-funded professional exchange program called, “Professional Fellows Program in Food Security – Critical Mass Leadership Education.” The Fellows received briefings by a mix of officers from the State Department and USAID and also met with a range of local agriculture experts, nutritionists, food growers, policymakers, and media personnel.

The two-year professional exchange program through which the Fellows were hosted enhances international dialogue between professionals in the United States, Uganda, and Kenya who are working in the social, economic, and political aspects of food security, especially as related to urban and peri-urban agriculture. The Fellows are studying and addressing food security in all three countries by examining a range of factors that contribute to the issues of food production, food distribution, and sustainable environmental practices.

This is the second of three groups of Americans to have visited Uganda; two groups of Ugandans have also traveled to the United States as part of the program. 

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