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World’s Largest Fertilizer Manufacturing Company Visits Feed the Future Rice Farm in Tanzania

Jorgen Ole Haslestad, president and chief executive officer of major fertilizer manufacturer Yara International, traveled to Tanzania in early June to visit a Feed the Future rice model farm in Dakawa.

Joined by Yara’s chairman of the board, Bernt Reitan, as well as 17 other board members, Haslestad observed the impact that Yara’s fertilizer donations have had on the productivity of the rice paddy, which was established by USAID together with the Uwawakuda Water User Cooperative of Dakawa to educate farmers on effective fertilizer application.

Under Feed the Future, USAID is working to create stronger links between farmers and companies that manufacture agricultural inputs such as fertilizer. Yara, one of the 27 multinational companies that signed Letters of Intent to invest in the agriculture sectors of African countries as part of the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, donated two types of fertilizers to the model rice farm and is working with the water user cooperative to improve the livelihoods of local smallholder rice producers while promoting food security and good nutrition.

Meeting with members of the cooperative in Dakawa, Haslestad remarked that Yara is fully committed to participating in Feed the Future to boost agricultural productivity in Tanzania.

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