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While the work of fighting global hunger can be complex, the goal is simple: to help families lead well-nourished, resilient and prosperous lives. Behind every statistic is a life—a child who doesn't need to wonder whether he'll eat dinner tonight, a mother who can now earn an income selling her own vegetables, a researcher bringing a new irrigation system to a small village. These are their stories.

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Engaging African Youth In Agriculture
Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria, Uganda
Youth: A Force for Good in the Fight Against Hunger
Increased Farm Efficiency Bears Fruit in Bangladesh
OPIC Helps Farmers Flourish with Access to Water
University Innovations Cross Borders to Deliver Impact
Bangladesh, Nepal
A Focus on Nutrition Sets Cambodian Children Up to Thrive
Innovative Insurance Helps Pastoralist Families Prepare for the Future
Less Labor, More Profit for Benin’s Cassava Farmers
Aquaculture Opportunities in Nigeria
Smallholders in Senegal Embrace Low-Tech Solutions for High Yields
The Proof is in the Pumpkin: Fatuma’s Journey to Entrepreneurial Success
A Better Path to Markets Boosts Profits for Tanzanian Farmers

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