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While the work of fighting global hunger can be complex, the goal is simple: to save the lives of real people. Behind every statistic is a life—a child who doesn't need to wonder whether he'll eat dinner tonight, a mother who can now earn an income selling her own vegetables, a researcher bringing a new irrigation system to a small village. These are their stories.

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Three Spooky Diseases Feed the Future is Fighting

We’re getting spooky this Halloween with three scary threats to the foods we Americans know and love. The good news? Global partnerships are on the case to protect and prevent.…

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Digital Warning System Boosts Resilience in Bangladesh

Farmers around the world face a constant threat from crop diseases, but digital tools are making it easier for farmers to prepare for outbreaks. Farmers around the world face constant…

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Better Weather Forecasting in Western Africa

Knowing when it will rain is crucial for farmers in Ghana — a new forecasting model has made it more predictable and helped maintain incomes. The goal of Ignitia is…

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