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Feed the Future Handbook of Indicator Definitions

The Feed the Future Indicator Handbook (pdf, 6 mb) is a working document describing the indicators selected for monitoring and evaluation of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative, Feed the Future. View the summary chart of Feed the Future indicators for more information.



Feed the Future Results Framework

The Feed the Future Results Framework is the conceptual and analytic structure that establishes the goals and objectives of the Feed the Future initiative, including the Intermediate Results (IRs) that lead into the goals and objectives.



U.S. Government Global Food Security Strategy Implementation Report of 2017

The U.S. Government's Global Food Security Strategy Implementation Report of 2017 (1.02 mb, pdf) responds to Section 8(a) of the Global Food Security Act of 2016, which requires the U.S. Government to submit a report to describe the interagency’s progress toward implementing the Global Food Security Strategy that was developed under the GFSA.…


2017 Progress Snapshot

Feed the Future has shown that progress in fighting global hunger is possible. By bringing partners together to invest in agriculture and nutrition, we have helped millions of families around the world lift themselves out of hunger and poverty. View Feed the Future’s 2017 Progress Snapshot to learn more about…

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Feed the Future Global Performance Evaluation Report

The purpose of this global performance evaluation of Feed the Future (pdf, 2.3 mb) is to provide an assessment of the initiative's progress and achievements to date, for the purposes of both learning and accountability. This independent evaluation addresses questions on Feed the Future's implementation and results, including the program's…


U.S. Government Global Food Security Strategy (FY 2017-2021)

This Global Food Security Strategy (pdf, 3.42mb) presents an integrated whole-of-government strategy and agency specific implementation plans as required by the Global Food Security Act of 2016 (GFSA).  This strategy reflects the unique skills, resources, and lessons learned from U.S. federal departments and agencies that contribute to global food security, as…



Ending Hunger and Poverty: A Snapshot of Progress

Feed the Future’s development model has dramatically improved the way the U.S. Government does business, facilitating effective, evidence-based, multi-stakeholder development to achieve lasting success. Download this brochure (pdf, 1.35mb)  to learn more about the initiative's results in FY2015. This document also highlights new data on changes in poverty and stunting in…



Feed the Future Progress Report 2015

With a clear focus on fighting poverty, hunger and undernutrition, President Obama launched the global food security initiative called Feed the Future as one of the first foreign policy acts of his presidency. The fiscal year 2014 Feed the Future Progress Report (pdf, 6.02mb) reviews our impact to date and advances our commitment to closely monitor,…

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